One Pillar specializes in Software/IT project staffing especially in the areas of SAP, Oracle APPS, and Java.

IT Staffing 

Employers are frequently frustrated with the number of resumes, quality of candidates, and suitability of candidates for a particular position. We have gone through similar pains when we were implementing these IT projects!.

One of our customers said "There's got to be a better way than this". It's no fun going through 50 different resumes, and having group of three or more looking at resumes and finding out that the right candidate is not there.

Hence, to alleviate these problems, One Pillar employs it’s own proprietary ranking system to evaluate candidates.

One Pillar Difference

One Pillar employs a proprietary ranking system to evaluate each of it's candidates. When a client or client's main vendor submits a position requirement, One Pillar first tries to fill the position from it's internal employees. If our employees are not available for such a position, One Pillar brings-in candidates and ranks each of the candidates using the following process:

One Pillar Rating Process

  • Each candidate's resume first goes through our proprietary resume parsing software system to match applicant's skill set with the position requirements. The system also looks at how thorough and carefully an applicant has prepared one's resume.  let "x" represent that number.

  • Each candidate is also evaluated on their technical strength. We have a wide network of experienced software professionals who are willing to pre-screen candidates on their technical strengths. We also look at candidate's certifications in the area, general awareness of the technical field, and other characteristics. let "y" be that technical number.

  • Then, each candidate is thoroughly evaluated on their communication skills. Now, they don't have to have a PhD in English literature, but if they are able to talk, listen, comprehend, and respond in a clear and expressive manner, they get assigned a communication skills number. let "z" be that number.

  • Finally, x, y, and z are all mashed together into our system to get the final One Pillar Certified Rating. Now, if you have not yet heard about our proprietary rating system, that's OK, we are not like the ISO standards yet, but we would like to be the ISO of applicant ratings!.

When we submit our candidates for a position, we will send for each resume, the One Pillar Certified Rating, which is a number between 1 and 4. If it is 1 - the candidate is  borderline who may need help from time to time to get the job done; 2 - the candidate is qualified to get the job done; 3 - candidate will exceed your expectations; 4 - candidate will blow your mind off. We reserve 4 for the truly exceptional!.

Now, sometimes, as we go through this rigorous certification/ranking process, we may have some delays due to, for example, getting the pre-screening done, working with the process flow and so on.  If you can bear with us, you can reap the fruits of our labor!. 

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